No Man’s Land; New film shines light on East Texas talent

No Man’s Land; New film shines light on East Texas talent

HALLSVILLE, Texas (KLTV) -Described as an action-packed western, No Man’s Land hit shelves this week nationwide. Micah Lyons, who wrote and directed the film, says it’s bringing East Texas into the spotlight.

The film was primarily shot in Hallsville and follows the story of a man traveling with his family who gets caught in a dangerous situation.

“It’s about a guy who is caught up in a trap of working too much, he says, ‘okay, one more business trip,’” says Lyons. “On the trip he gets ambushed by bandits, his son is shot, his wife is kidnapped, and he’s left for dead."

Lyons is from Hallsville and he’s not the only local behind the project. Of the 200 actors in the film, he says only two are not from the Lone Star State and the majority of those in front of the camera call East Texas home.

“Micah’s showing you the original Texas,” says Matt Williams a Longview native who appears in the film. “He’s got the locations that people who live in that area will see and say, ‘I’ve been there.’”

The film stars actor Chris Routhe, known for his role in Chicago Fire. It can be found at most major retailers including Walmart, and on Amazon.

Lyons says he has plans to bring more projects to East Texas; click this link for details.

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