Tornado recovery efforts continue in San Augustine

Tornado recovery efforts continue in San Augustine

SAN AUGUSTINE, Texas (KTRE) - Residents continue to deal with the damage and debris from April’s storms.

Rebuilding efforts remain slow for residents in San Augustine. An EF-2 tornado hit the area almost six weeks ago.

One of the many homes damaged belongs to Mayor Leroy Hughes.

"It's always a mental challenge when you never gone through something before and you face it for the first time," Hughes said.

In his three decades of living in San Augustine, Hughes said he has not experienced destruction like this.

"They just been demolishing some of the rooms, halls and getting everything out," Hughes said.

But he said the demolishing isn't enough.

“You know, all the water that has been in there. And I’m afraid of the mildew and the mold and the moisture that’s in the walls in some of the rooms that they didn’t want to take out,” Hughes said.

He's not the only one with rebuilding challenges.

“I’ve been living in a hotel since 25th of April. And I’m ready to get out of a room. I’m ready to cook. I’m ready to clean. I’m ready to have my puppies with us. Just be a family again,” said Ja Reeves, a resident.

Reeves is watering her plants, as a means to find peace, while standing in the middle of piles of debris.

"This is putting on tomatoes right and left. Growing back. You'd never guess that they were in a tornado. God is good," Reeves said.

Adjusters told Reeves her home is totaled so she’s made plans to move to Henderson, Texas.

“God has a plan and with that I can conquer anything, because I know he’s beside me and I know he has a plan and I’m not worried about anything,” Reeves said.

Although progress is slow, Hughes says he just wants to see some action.

"For them to get started on the house so at least we can see some improvement some construction going on," Hughes said.

San Augustine County officials said initial assessments found about 150 homes and 10 businesses damaged from the tornadoes back in April.

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