Churches and community members come together for United in Prayer for Angelina County Launch

Churches and community members come together for United in Prayer for Angelina County Launch

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) -Churches and community members from Angelina County attended the United in Prayer Launch at the Pitser Garrison Civic Center.

After seeing a need to help families and churches come together, Pastor David Hunt of East View United Pentecostal Church created United in Prayer Launch for Angelina County.

“The vision was that we would bring our churches together that are in the Angelina County area and pray for a spiritual awakening that would impact our entire area, being a blessing to our families, schools, to our leadership and our city and our county,” said Pastor Hunt.

Unity and prayer were the two important things that were centered around the event.

“With unity and prayer within the Christian community we can be a blessing in this community and we need that kind of spiritual blessing right now. When you look at where our community is we know what we should do to help our community, but we cannot do more than pray,” said Pastor Hunt.

Those in attendance like John Riley, agree.

“I believe that we struggle with a lot of spiritual things in this county and I believe that this is one way we can come together to fight that. It doesn’t matter what denomination your apart of, what church you go to, we all have the same thing in common,” said Riley.

“I think what has happened is that we have become so busy that we have left behind some of the important things that Jesus Christ taught us. In his word, Jesus told to us to pray he said watch and pray and if we get back to that basic instruction that Jesus Christ gave us, I think the benefits across the board, every citizen, every church will be astronomical,” said Pastor Hunt.

Pastor hunt said he plans to continue to launch more prayer events in efforts to help everyone in Angelina County.

“Prayer is an important thing and I’m afraid that we have left it behind for programs, but we’re getting back to prayer. As a Christian community we’re finding out again how powerful prayer is. “

The next United in Prayer Launch for Angelina County will be held on August 17.

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