ETX softball All-Stars get one more game before heading off to college

ETX softball All-Stars get one more game before heading off to college
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LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) -After successful game last year, the East Texas Sports Senior All-Star game is coming back.

The event allows for some of the best softball talent in East Texas to play one more game before going off to college.

“This year we have a total of 21 girls from 14 different schools,” coach Michael Scoggin said. “We are looking forward to a great game on both sides.”

Leah Akridge talks about final game with long-time friends

The game is more than just about who wins and who walks away with a defeat. It is about giving back. The money raised at the game will be donated to 22Q. The charity is important to many in the area that have a connection to former Central Heights coach Ashley Brown.

Brown’s three-year-old daughter Railey was diagnosed with 22Q deletion syndrome when she was just 14 months old.

“22Q deletion syndrome is a genetic disorder that many have never heard of, even though it is the second most common syndrome next to Downs Syndrome,” Brown said in an email. “22Q can present in many different ways. For some families, it is fighting for their child’s life in the hospital with countless open heart surgeries, for others it is countless procedures and surgeries to fix various abnormalities. However, most of the 22Q kids suffer from speech delays, low immunities, and higher susceptibility to mental health disorders.”

The game will be on June 15 at Hudson High School. Admission for adults is $5. Admission for children is $3. The game is being sponsored by Steve Hall and East Texas Sports and Jason Burton with All-American Athletics.

Here are the rosters -

Angelina County:

  • Campbell Selman, Hudson
  • Oddette lopez, Hudson
  • Amzee Gerard, Hudson
  • Natalie Clifton, Hudson
  • Hannah Blackwell, Hudson
  • Bailey Ortiz, Central
  • Jenna Flourney, Huntington
  • Leah Akridge, Lufkin
  • Lexi Ramirez, Lufkin
  • Haven Hardy, Diboll

Non-Angelina County:

Diamond Dunn, Grapeland

  • Haylee Reed, Grapeland
  • Kathryn Carpenter, Cushing
  • Peyton White, Douglas
  • Sarah Lowery, Douglas
  • Amnber Allen, Woden
  • Koral Sylestine, Woodville
  • Kaitlyn Odom, Woodville
  • Hannah Spring, West Sabine
  • Harlee Franklin, West Sabine
  • Mallory Stout, Trinity

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