Texans moving on after GM fired

Texans moving on after GM fired

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRE) - The Houston Texans were inside the bubble for the first day of minicamp just days after the orginization fired General Manager Brian Gaine.

Head Coach Bill O’Brien would have loved to just talked to the media about his teams improvements over the nine weeks of offseason workouts but he knew that would be secondary today. Roght out of the gate he addressed the issue before a single question could be asked. Once questions were asked about Gaine, O’brien went ba ck to his first statement.

“Again I’ll go back to the statement that Cal McNair made,” O’Brien said. “I’ll say it again. He did a thorough evaluation of what goes on in this building on a day-to-day basis relative to the processes that are in place in all different areas. Not just coaching, scouting. Every area. Training room, equipment, nutrition, business side. Everything. That’s what I’ll tell you about that.”

O’Brien said everyone in the organization was evaluated by COO McNair and that it will take a group effort to get to where the team wants to be.

“I think anytime you get news like that, right away, it’s a tough decision for Cal to make,” O’Brien said of the firing. “But again he was very clear with me with what he wanted me to do to improve and his vision for the football team and his vision for the organization and that’s what we’re doing now. We’re moving forward. We’re excited about the future.”

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