Driving lesson ends through storefront window

Driving lesson ends through storefront window

LUFKIN, Texas (KLTV) -A business in downtown Lufkin is being repaired after a truck drove into its front window.

Lufkin Police say they arrested a suspect who said he had been teaching his 14-year-old daughter how to drive and that she hit the store.

Shattered window glass covers the floor at this consignment store in downtown Lufkin. Picking up a broom to clean up, store owner Andrew Harbuck says it was caused by a truck that drove into his store.

Harbuck said: “About 11:30 last night, a vehicle jumped the curb and rammed into the front of our building, breaking the windows and knocking over some furniture and causing some damage.”

Repairs are beginning immediately, and Harbuck says the damages shouldn’t have any effect on their business.

“I mean, we are a consignment shop and so we sell furniture for the public, and so we are going to stay open regular hours. We’ve got window here boarded. It’s all mostly damage to the building and we’re gonna be able to keep doing business."
Andrew Harbuck owner of A Furniture Fetish

Harbuck says it will take up to two weeks for his store window to be replaced. Lufkin police say the suspect was arrested for outstanding warrants and the girl was fined for driving without a license.

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