Flag burial ceremony held in Angelina County in honor of Flag Day

Flag burial ceremony held in Angelina County in honor of Flag Day

ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Today marks a day to honor the stars and stripes.

The VFW Post 1836 retired old, battered flags. They hosted a burial ceremony at the Angelina County Farmers Market on Friday.

United States flags that are no longer fit to serve the nation were destroyed. Flags folded by veteran Joe Wolf with the VFW Post 1836 shared this observation.

“The Union is still intact. And I did several hundred of these flags in the last few days. Couple weeks now. But not one of the one of the unions was torn. The unions had not been separated on any of the retired flags. I don’t know whether that’s an omen of what but that sure got to me,” Wolf said.

Wolf said many people in the community brought their flags for the burial and cremation ceremony.

“It’s a proper way to retire flags. Now there are numerous ways of doing it. When we have as many flags as we’ve got here the best way to do it is to fold all the flags in a proper way best you can because some of them are pretty well torn and place them in the burning fire,” Wolf said.

For many in the audience, this was the first time witnessing the flag retirement.

The faded, small or big, tattered flags all went into the fire to mark the tribute of the cremation ceremony.

“You know it is a symbol of our country. And those of us that are retired from the military know full well how important that flag is. We have given honor to the flag many time during our career,” said Judge Don Lymbery, Angelina County.

He said the ceremony marks respect and dignity for the flags.

He said several hundred flags were buried.

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