Three-year old Central Heights girl to be honorary softball All-Star

Three-year old Central Heights girl to be honorary softball All-Star

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) -In her princess dress and “Moo-Moo” Railey Brown will light up any room she walks into.

She might not be able to communicate like most 3 year-olds but her persistents will payt off and she has no problem letting you know if she needs something.

Railey is diagnosed with 22Q syndrome, a genetic disorder in 1 in 2,000 births.

"It was a long road, " mother Ashley Brown said. “When she was born at the hospital we could remeber the nurses coming to us and saying you are going to have to set an alarm to wake yourself up because you are not going to be able to hear her cry. Her voice was so muffled.”

Brown and her Husband Tyler had two other children so they knew something seemed different.

“We would go to pediatricians and they would say, ‘Oh enjoy this time.’ Finally we were referred to Cook Children’s in Dallas,” Brown said. " What they found was she had a flap there that shouldn’t have been and it was covering her esophagus. That’s what was making us not hear her and she had feeding issues."

At 5 months old she had one major surgery to fix that.

Three-year old Central Heights girl to be honorary softball All-Star

“From there it just dominoed,” Brown said. “She wouldn’t take her medicine. She has since been on thickened liquids ever since. We knew something wasn’t right. We saw doctor after doctor and we finally met with a geneticist and that is when she was diagnosed with 22Q deletion syndrome. We were happy we had our answer but then we were like, ‘What do we do now’ because this is a lifelong thing.”

Brown got out of coaching and went back to school to become a speech therapist so she could help her daughter and others like her.

“I have fear for her her future with other kids,” dad Tyler Brown said. “But when I see her interact everyday with her sister and other kids she plays with she has nothing holding her back.”

Brown is out of coaching but still keeps in touch with her friends. First-year Lufkin softball coach Ashley Martin is a long-time friend of Brown so when Martin was asked to be part of the 2nd annual East Texas Sports Senior All-Star Game, she brought up the idea to help out the Browns through the non-profit 22Q Texas. The other coaches agreed it was a good move so all the funds raised at the game will go to Browns choice for the charity. Railey will be welcomed to the game as an honorary all-star by the coaches and players.

"It means a lot to us and to the overall organization and creating awareness for the cause.

The All-Star game will take place at Hudson High School on June 15. First pitch is set for 7 pm. Admission is $5 for adults and $4 for children.

Here are the rosters -

Angelina County:

  • Campbell Selman, Hudson
  • Oddette lopez, Hudson
  • Amzee Gerard, Hudson
  • Natalie Clifton, Hudson
  • Hannah Blackwell, Hudson
  • Bailey Ortiz, Central
  • Jenna Flourney, Huntington
  • Leah Akridge, Lufkin
  • Lexi Ramirez, Lufkin
  • Haven Hardy, Diboll

Non-Angelina County:

Diamond Dunn, Grapeland

  • Haylee Reed, Grapeland
  • Kathryn Carpenter, Cushing
  • Peyton White, Douglas
  • Sarah Lowery, Douglas
  • Amnber Allen, Woden
  • Koral Sylestine, Woodville
  • Kaitlyn Odom, Woodville
  • Hannah Spring, West Sabine
  • Harlee Franklin, West Sabine
  • Mallory Stout, Trinity

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