ETX teams sporting new designs in 2019 season

ETX teams sporting new designs in 2019 season

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - The Nacogdoches Dragons are just one of a handful of teams that are going to be sporting a new look on their helmets in the 2019 season.

The Dragons unveiled the new look on Tuesday that includes a metalic yellow "N" that has a ghosted pattern of dragon scales in the letter.

The design was done by Greg Gold with AU Concepts & Designs.

“The dragon scale print makes it a little more personal to you guys,” Gold said. “It makes it more themed around the dragon.”

Gold is a big fan of high school football. He is a graduate of Irving High School in the Metroplex and went on to play the running back position at Oklahoma State University.

“I first started to design stuff when I needed to design the logo for my son’s tackle football team. I looked at it when I was done and said man, he has a better OSU design then I did when I was in college.”

His name might sound familiar. Gold is the brother of Whitehouse Football Coach Marcus Gold. The brothers teamed up last year for work on his first high school helmet for Whitehouse. The work was noticed.

“Ricklan Holmes over at John Tyler was a senior at OSU when I was a freshman so we knew each other from there and stayed in contact,” Gold said. “I got to work with him on the new helmets."

And the list has grown. In East Texas he has also done work with Elkhart, Westwood, Arp, Athens, Chapel Hill, Pine Tree and Tyler Junior College. Outside of East Texas he has worked with several big schools that are rich in tradition such as The Woodlands and Dallas Carter. He even has branched out and done designs for schools in other states.

“We did about 50 high schools last year,” Gold said. “The goal was 20. This year we are set to do about 400.”

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Gold played when uniforms were simple. At Oklahoma State, he had one white helmet with the “OSU” emblem on it. Now it seems that OSU has a new helmet and uniform put out each week.

“It all started with Oregon,” Gold said. “They started all of this. It has just grown from there. It became a great recruiting tool. We are in this millennial era where the guys care just as much about what is on their body.”

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