Angelina County Emergency Management opens command center in downtown Lufkin

Angelina County Emergency Management opens command center in downtown Lufkin

ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Angelina County is providing a new space for emergency response volunteers. Emergency Management has recently put together a new command center in downtown Lufkin.

“This is something that’s kind of been a vision of mine to get going since the start of the year,” said Emergency Management Coordinator Ricky Conner.

It’s a vision to provide space for volunteers to assist with emergencies and disasters. Conner said this new emergency command center for Angelina County, will be a new hub for preparation and response.

“We’ve got everything here we need," Conner said. "We’ve got generator power; we’ve got [storm tracking] on our computers. We’ve got everything we need here in this one location that we need during an event.”

He also said all the desks in the building will be filled with volunteers once severe weather stars to move into the county.

“We start monitoring a storm about ninety-six hours out," he said. "Once we get a clear path of the storm, we will activate the center and we’ll have anywhere between eight and 15 people.”

The idea is to put the staff all in one place so that emergency planning and response can be faster. Also, phone numbers specific to cities within Angelina County can be reached during disaster events.

“We have phone lines set up at each table in case of an emergency," Conner said. "They can call in. It goes directly through the emergency management center. We’ll have representatives from each of those cities answering those phones as much as they can.”

With communication being streamlined, Conner says they will be able to focus more on providing solutions.

“We’ll have representatives from the cities," he said. "Red Cross, Salvation Army, Oncore, places like that where we can go directly to them to try to get the problem solved.”

Angelina County Emergency Management is still looking for volunteers for the command center. Those interested can reach out to manager Ricky Conner at

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