Woman’s surveillance video shows her shooting at neighboring home, throwing flaming towel at open door

Oklahoma fire officials share video with KLTV

Del City Arson

DEL CITY, OK (KLTV) - An Oklahoma woman was arrested after allegedly firing gunshots and eventually throwing a lit towel into a home, and it was all caught on camera ... her own surveillance camera.

According to the Del City Fire Department, on Monday, June 10, at approximately 2:45 pm, the Del City Fire Department responded to numerous 911 calls of a house fire at 2317 Becker Place.

Fire crews arriving on the scene found a one-story home with fire coming from the garage with flames moving toward the home immediately to the north. Crews worked to protect the neighboring home, then began knocking down the fire in the house, which was confirmed to be condemned.

Crews worked to go into the building to search for any possible victims and extinguish the remaining fire. During the search, crews found the basement flooded with eight feet of water from a previous water pipe rupture. This posed a serious safety risk to the firefighters on scene, who had entered in full black-out conditions, could have easily fallen down the stairs to the basement full of water. Knowing this was a condemned home, fire investigators were requested to the scene

The fire department said during their investigation while questioning witnesses, fire investigators were told that there was an on-going conflict between neighbors of the house of origin and another neighbor. A video surveillance system was noticed on the nearby residence and investigators asked the homeowner if they could view the video footage to determine if anyone was seen near the house at the time of the fire.

At first she said it had not been on, firefighters said, but she eventually gave consent for investigators to take her password-secured video recorder. With the assistance of the Oklahoma City Police Department’s Computer Forensic Division, investigators were able to retrieve video from the surveillance system recorder showing that the fire was intentionally set.

The video showed Annie Durham, 59, firing gunshots into the home before throwing a lit towel through a door of the home. Durham was arrested without incident on Monday, June 17, 2019, around 11:30 am. She is charged with second-degree arson as well as discharge of a firearm into a dwelling.

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