Lufkin interim fire chief on future of department: ‘I don’t expect any great changes’

Lufkin interim fire chief on future of department: ‘I don’t expect any great changes’

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - The Lufkin Fire Department has named an interim fire chief while it continues its nationwide search following the resignation of current leader, Ted Lovett.

Lovett announced his resignation nearly 8 years after he was appointed in Oct. 2011. Lovett had served at Lufkin Fire Department since 1986.

Assistant Chief Duane Freeman was chosen to lead the department until a new chief is named.

“I’ve served as assistant chief and administration for about 10 or 11 years,” Freeman explained. “So, I’m kind of used to the process; I don’t expect any great changes.”

Freeman has served the department for the past 33 years. He said it’s an honor to be named interim chief in Lovett’s place, but not much will change on a day-to-day basis.

“I’ve been in a support role, in supporting the fire chief in whatever he needed, so now I’ve got to kind of change my thinking and think on a larger scale,” Freeman said. “I’ve got to get that little change in my mindset and thinking process. I’ve been administration for quite awhile, so I’m used to most of the process; it’s just a change in overall responsibilities.”

Freeman added that the department will be “more than supportive” as the city goes through its search process, and will throw their support behind whomever the candidate might be.

“Chief Lovett contributed greatly to our department as he’s been our leader, and I know he’ll continue to contribute. We’re going to keep things rolling our department, continue to serve our citizens in Lufkin and Angelina County just as we have been.”

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