Angelina County commissioners hold special meeting on public comment

Angelina County commissioners hold special meeting on public comment

ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Angelina County commissioners held a special meeting Monday morning to discuss rules, procedures and decorum regarding public comments during commissioners court meetings.

House Bill 2840 will go into law Sept. 1 mandating all governmental bodies allow public comment on agenda items.

Angelina County Commissioners will now allow the public to make comments on posted agenda items.

In a special meeting Tuesday, the commissioners made the decision and established rules and procedures.

Angelina County Judge Don Lymbery explained House Bill 2840 is a new law that ensures the public has an opportunity to address a governmental body.

Governor Greg Abbott signed HR 2840 into law last month.

“Each member of the public who appears before the commissioners court shall be limited to a maximum of three minutes to make his or her remarks,” Lymbery said.

Additionally, insults and profane or threatening language directed to the court or its members are not allowed. The county judge will decide when speech crosses that line.

The court voted to make the guidelines effective immediately.

Starting with next week’s commissioners court meeting, the public can fill out a participation form-- providing at least their name and the agenda item they wish to address.

The new law is also changing public meetings in Lufkin.

Starting September 1, the city manager said residents will be able to speak at city council meetings.

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