Lufkin Assistant City Manager promises change after second All-Star team ruled ineligible for postseason play

Lufkin Assistant City Manager promises change after second All-Star team ruled ineligible for postse

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - For the second time in a week, a Lufkin little League All-Star team has been ruled ineligible for post season play.

Lufkin Assistant City Manager Jason Arnold confirmed the news Monday afternoon that was first told to him by the Little League Tournament Committee in regards to the Junior League All-Stars. Last week the Lufkin 10U team faced a similar ruling.

Arnold said the issue with the team was that Little League International did not find that enough games met the requirements set up by the organization.

“All the players played the minimum amount of games and met residency requirements,” Arnold said.

Little League requires that the games are at least 5 innings of the 7 innings standard for Junior League games. Lufkin tried to follow that rule but also used a time limit as well.

some games did not have enough players or finished to 6 innings.

“They would stop playing when the time limit was up,” Arnold said. “Little League wanted the full amount of innings they required. They have a very defined set of rules for what makes up a game and for whatever reason we had games that did not meet those parameters. This was about using a time limit and not getting into the required innings met.”

Arnold wanted to make it very clear that the coaches and players did not do anything wrong and only played by the rules communicated to them at the beginning of the season.

“We are going to unpack this thing and make sure we make sure moving forward there is never an opportunity for this to happen again,” Arnold said. “We are going to have to make sure everyone from top to bottom knows what is going on and no one is left out. We want to make sure everyone from administrators to coaches to parents feel confident the program is top notch and is ran the way it is meant to be ran.”

The Lufkin Junior All-Stars did not have a district opponent and were automatically advanced to the Section 1 Tournament in Schulenberg on July 6. They were set to play Sealy in the first round of the 4-team sectional.

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