TxDOT officials continue to work and help with tornado debris clean up in Alto

TxDOT officials continue to work and help with tornado debris clean up in Alto

ALTO, Texas (KTRE) - Three months ago, devastating tornadoes ripped through East Texas impacting residents in Alto.

Piles of debris are still located throughout areas of the city and TxDOT officials are working to clean it up.

Patsy Dean was at home when the tornadoes came through Alto. Thankfully, her home didn’t receive any damage, but a tree fell down in her yard.

“Well, I knew the wind was getting up and I asked God to take care of me and he did and the wind ceased and the little tree blew down but thank God it didn’t hit my house and a lot of people are damaged a lot worse than this,” said Dean.

The only concern Dean said she’s had since the storm is getting the tree picked up. But thanks to TxDOT officials and crews working, she said she is happy to know that cleanup efforts are finally being made.

“Yea it makes me feel better that it is going to look better again, and I know some people and other people do care,” said Dean.

And while residents patiently wait for crews to come and pick up debris, J.C. Carroll is lending a helping hand to help those in need.

“Bonnie McGruder owns this place and she has been here for 61 years and her house was totally devastated and there was no way she could rebuild it, it was gone and tore up. So, a good friend of mine Gary Hager allowed me to use his machine to clean the place up and he’s furnished everything, so all I’m doing is running the machine,” said Carroll.

Carroll lost his leg back in 1989 due to a chemical burn while working on a pipeline.

But he said he won’t let that stop him from helping his neighbors in need.

“That’s what God says many, many times in many, many books almost every book come back to it and that’s what we are supposed to do is pay it forward you know and I can’t help it you know, but I just do my best,” said Carroll.

TxDOT officials and crews will continue to work and clean up debris until July 15th.

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