Corrigan PD displays wrecked car to send a message for drivers to slow down

Corrigan PD displays wrecked car to send a message for drivers to slow down

CORRIGAN, Texas (KTRE) - On display at U.S. 59 is a wrecked truck. The City of Corrigan and their police department want you to drive safely this Independence Day holiday, so they’ve placed a reminder alongside a busy roadway.

“Speed was involved,” said Chris Lima, a detective with police department.

He said the wreck happened two months ago.

“One driver in that vehicle, no passengers was involved in that and hit an 18-wheeler,” Lima said.

The driver survived. The wrecked truck was donated to the Corrigan Police and put on display.

“What a lot of people don’t understand is that Corrigan is the first red light coming out of Houston on the main highway,” Lima said.

On the stretch of the highway in town, the speed limit drops to 35 mph. But many drivers may zip on by, says Sophea Pep.

“People drive very fast and it’s kind of hard to cross the road and let the kids go outside," Pep said.

Pep is a mother of two at the family owned donut shop is hesitant to cross the streets.

“People around here they know that the speed limit in the city they need to slow down and stuff, but a lot of people that travel from the city they just don’t know the speed limit is changing so they still didn’t slow down, they just go fast through the town,” Pep said.

The police department is hoping that as drivers travel up and down the highway, the memory of the wrecked truck becomes a reminder to slow down.

“Our main goal is for folks to take a look at that and in their mind think, you’re right, maybe they’ll slow down a little bit, maybe they’ll look at their speed. The ones that are speeding and they’ll think that I need to the slow down, because ultimately the main thing is yourself and your family going home everyday,” Lima said.

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