Lufkin Majors look to win sectional tournament

Lufkin Majors look to win sectional tournament

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - The Lufkin Majors Division All-Stars have been worried about what is on the field and not off of it.

While the other Lufkin All-Star teams were dealing with being disqualified for what appears to be a miscommunication of the rules to the coaches, Manager Bud Maddux had his team worried about the sectional tournament.

“We haven’t even talked about it out here,” Maddux said. “We need to stay focused on the field. We have worked hard. It is out of our hands and the players. it is unfortunate what happened to these teams. It had nothing to do with these players. it was not handled properly by adults. It is a shame and we have to move forward.”

Last time Maddux managed a team this deep the Thundering 13 were hitting home runs left and right. While this team saw success in the long-ball during the district championship game, the runs had not been there early on. Maddux thinks that could be the game moving forward and is stressing defense at practice.

“I believe that the small things is going to win the game,” Maddux. “We are working on the fundamentals and getting into position and then we will take our hitting how we get it. Every tournament should be a better tournament because they are all winners there.”

First up for Lufkin in the sectional tournament is Bellville on Saturday night at 8 pm in College Station. The tournament is a double-elimination tournament.

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