Woman seeks volunteers to help clean up Grapeland cemetery

Woman seeks volunteers to help clean up Grapeland cemetery

GRAPELAND, Texas (KTRE) - An East Texas woman is asking the community for help to clean up an abandoned cemetery.

The Grapeland woman said the last time it was cleaned was almost 20 years ago.

“I think the last graves in here were early 1900s,” said Glenda Christ, a neighbor.

Few graves are visible at the Tyer Cemetery Houston County. Most of them are covered in shrubs and trees.

"And it just breaks my heart to see all these people not being honored by cleaning their around their grave," Christ said.

For the past several months, Christ has wanted to clean and repair the final resting place for some of the first East Texans.

"It's an old cemetery from the 1800s," Christ said.

Now in her 80s, Christ is reaching out to the community for help.

“I can’t do it myself. If I was younger, I would do it myself. There are certain parts of it that I could get some clippers on and come in here and clean it up,” Christ said.

The cemetery sits on 700 acres of private land. She has permission to be on the property and tidy it up, but there’s another problem.

“The cows are running through the cemetery and knocking the markers over. They go as they want to in here. There’s nothing to stop them and it’s, and it’s just sad. It’s a sad situation,” Christ said.

She’s hoping to turn the situation around. Christ said she has money to spend for a new wire fence to keep the cows out. However, she needs volunteers to cut down the large shrubs.

"Main thing is to keep the cows out once we clean it up," Christ said.

Christ said she hopes to clean the cemetery up by fall.

Please email kpatel@ktre.com if you’re interested in volunteering.

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