Hudson Search and Rescue workers asking for more volunteers

Hudson Search and Rescue workers asking for more volunteers

HUDSON, Texas (KTRE) - Search and Rescue teams in Hudson are on the hunt for more volunteers. Members of the Hudson Volunteer Fire Department say that participation in their team has been low this year and that they want members of their community to get involved.

For volunteers in Hudson, working search and rescue goes beyond looking for missing people in the woods. They also have to know how to handle high-risk situations.

“We do natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes," VFD vice president Ricky Rodriguez said. "Swift water rescue, high angle and low angle rescues, confined space rescues.”

The training consists of weekly and monthly exercises. While searching with a dog and complicated rescue operation are essential skills, leaders say this can be completed within a few months.

“We have a task book that all of our members have to complete, different types of certifications to get them prepared and ready to be in the field,” Rodriguez said.

Team leaders with Hudson Search and Rescue say they complete around fifteen missions a year in Angelina County. However, volunteer participation has been dwindling. They say they also need more members in their youth program.

Even with the training and resources at their disposal, members say it will take more boots on the ground to fully serve their community.

Hudson Search and Rescue will host an open house event to teach community members about the training and service required to join search and rescue. The event is July 23rd at the Hudson Fire Department.

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