Officers hike state’s tallest peak to salute Nacogdoches deputy who died in crash

Officers hike state’s tallest peak to salute Nacogdoches deputy who died in crash

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Each year a climb is held on the highest peak in Texas to honor fallen officers.

Three peace officers from Nacogdoches made the trip last month in memory of Deputy Brad Jimmerson.

Back in October, the 49-year-old was struck and killed while trying to remove debris from U.S. Highway 259.

While Jimmerson was removing the debris, he was hit by a Toyota Camry and pushed into the opposite lane of traffic, where he was hit by a Ford Edge. He died at the scene.

“I do miss him, my wife, kids,” said Detective Daniel Adame, with SFA Police Department.

Adame along with fellow SFA Corporal Justin Henderson, and Nacogdoches Police Officer Atticus Shelton along with their family members climbed Guadalupe Peak, the mountain located near El Paso.

For Adame, the hike meant something more. He and deputy Brad Jimmerson were partners on duty for four years before Adame moved to SFA.

“There was a time where, actually it’s like, took my wife with me and seeing her struggle going up there is like, you know we need to stop but then again since we both knew him it was pretty much just that push that we got to do it we got to finish it,” Adame said.

Dedicating the walk to remember the life of the Nacogdoches County Deputy killed on duty last fall. Every year law enforcement across the nation climb the highest peak in their respective states.

"I was the one carrying the flag and so anytime I felt like, I don't know if I can keep going or so forth, I had the flag to keep me push me on but it was quite strenuous," Henderson said.

As they made their journey to the peak, the three officers held a flag in honor of Jimmerson from top of Texas.

“Wishing that he was here, that was the feeling,” Adame said.

The 9,000 tall peak is no easy feat.

"It gives you a sense of pride to go do something in memory of the officers that have given the ultimate sacrifice doing this job. It's a dangerous job and you never know what's going to happen any moment," Shelton said.

Officers plan to present the flag to Jimmerson's family at the end of the week.

Each year, in June officers across the nation take part in Cops on Top.

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