Jasper police: A suspect has been IDed in incident where vehicle crashed into apartment

Suspect fled scene after crash

Jasper police: A suspect has been IDed in incident where vehicle crashed into apartment
Pictured is the sign for the Sweetbriar Hill Apartment complex in Jasper. (Source: KJAS.com)

JASPER, Texas (KTRE) - A detective with the Jasper Police Department has identified a suspect in an incident in which the driver of a vehicle crashed into a building in the Sweetbriar Hill Apartments complex on Martin Luther King Boulevard and then fled the scene.

On Thursday, Lt. Garrett Foster with the Jasper Police Department said the detective on the case has identified a suspect and is in the process of locating him or her to come in for an interview.

According to the narrative of the incident report, a Jasper PD K9 officer was dispatched out to the apartment complex to check out a report that a vehicle had driven into a building at about 5:20 a.m. on July 7.

When the K9 officer got to the apartment, he noticed that the northwest corner of the building had been struck by a vehicle. In the report, he said that closer investigation revealed that the vehicle had initially been parked in the parking lot facing the building and had driven forward instead of backing out of the parking space.

The Jasper officer also noticed several vehicle parts, including a passenger-side mirror and a part of vehicle body trim that was imprinted with the word “Laredo,” which is a package that can be found on vehicles manufactured by Jeep.

According to the narrative of the incident report, the Jasper PD officer spoke with one of the occupants of the apartment, a 34-year-old woman. She said that she had been in the living room with her 6-month-old daughter when she got up to put the baby to bed around 4:40 a.m.

The woman told the Jasper PD officer that about 30 minutes later, she heard a loud bang and went into the living room to investigate. She also said that she heard people arguing outside and then several vehicles left abruptly.

The narrative said that because the apartment’s porch light was destroyed, she was unable to identify anyone.

“Once the parties left, she noticed that the interior wall had been pushed into the residence, causing the couch to move several feet from its original location in which she was sitting,” the narrative stated.

The woman who is leasing the apartment also gave a statement to the Jasper PD officer.

The narrative of the incident report also said that he and other Jasper PD officers patrolled the area in search of a Jeep with front end damage that was missing its side mirror, but they were unable to locate it.

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