East Texas Ag News: Keeping your tomato plants healthy

East Texas Ag News: Keeping your tomato plants healthy

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - Right now is a popular season for growing tomatoes and one of the most common tomato disorders is blossom end rot.

Agents with the Agrilife Extension office Overton want you to know that this is not a disease, but a physiological problem caused by a lack of calcium and fluctuating soil moisture.

Agents advise that you keep the soil evenly moist, mulch to conserve moisture and lime the soil before planting the next crop to provide calcium. Blossom end rot usually only affects the first tomatoes to ripen.

Another problem with tomatoes this time of year is spider mites. Look for stippled leaves, and under severe infestations, fine webbing.

Spider mites can be detected by taking suspicious leaves and knocking them over a white sheet of paper. Any dots which move are probably mites.

Light infestations can be reduced by frequently spraying leaves with a sharp stream of water or using insecticidal soap. For more severe problems, use an approved miticide.

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