New location for Community Action Program offers more efficient help for East Texans in need

New location for Community Action Program offers more efficient help for East Texans in need

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - A new location for the Greater East Texas Community Action Program (GETCAP) means more efficient help for East Texans in need, and at a time of year when it will be very handy.

The heat of the summer also brings the need for energy assistance and weatherization, and the new facility will provide the staff an opportunity to help more people in a more efficient manner.

“It’s working beautifully,” said Karen Swenson, executive director of GETCAP. “This move timing is very essential because as the temperatures go up and it gets incredible hot outside, then individuals are really needing energy assistance.”

The calls, coming from residents living north of Tyler to locations all the way down to Beaumont, are received at the Nacogdoches headquarters, now at a larger location on South Street.

Energy assistance is provided in 20 East Texas counties. Case workers easily consult one another on applicants’ needs to provide the most efficient service.

“We usually serve a lot of elderly and disabled because they’re on a fixed income," said Teresa Land, energy assistance program director of GETCAP. "We are seeing five and six $100 bills at one time. This could be for two months or it could be for one month if they live in a mobile home.”

Land can quickly let weatherization director Kelsey Roberts know about needed home improvements to help lower those bills.

“You know, your central system pressurizes your house so any little cracks just pushes out of those cracks," said Kelsey Roberts, weatherization director of GETCAP.

Most applications are handled by phone or on GETCAP’S website. GETCAP wanted to get the word out to walk in guests about the new location at a time when their services are needed more than ever.

“Even though we have stream lined and gone much more efficient on electronic processing, you still got to have a place for people to work," said Swenson.

The new GETCAP location is headquartered at 1716 South Street, directly across the street from Fredonia Hill Baptist Church.

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