Darmy’s Place of Recovery to offer addiction rehab, soft skills for post-recovery transition

Darmy’s Place of Recovery to offer addiction rehab, soft skills for post-recovery transition

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council (ADAC) rolled out the red carpet Thursday to celebrate the opening of a new rehabilitation facility in Lufkin.

Darmy’s Place for Recovery is an addiction rehab facility that will help people recover from drug and alcohol abuse and also teach them skills to help navigate them back into society.

“Today is a day that marks a celebration of the fulfillment of our vision to get Darmy’s Place for Recovery open,” said Phyllis Grandgeorge, executive director of ADAC.

“At this facility, we’re able to help [addicts] develop some of that what people call ‘recovery capital;' they’re able to get a job or get a job with better wages. They become better parents because we’re working on parenting skills to help them," Grandgeorge added.

One important aspect of the program will be building the proper support system, including a recovery coach and volunteers, to help those recovering reintegrate themselves in a world where sobriety will likely be a daily challenge.

“That support system will help move them; maybe it’s a college class, maybe it’s an interview preparation or something like that,” Grandgeorge explained. “We’re going to connect them to the fantastic community resources and hopefully build confidence, so they’ll reach out to those resources.”

Part of those community resources include helping recovering addicts build skills that will help them more smoothly transition into sober living. Skills include using smart devices to find resources online, such as podcasts, coaching apps, and blogs that offer 24/7 engagement.

The idea is to build a foundation of confidence to find more intensive job training.

“We’ll get them, hopefully, to where they’ll move to a community resource that teaches them intensive job training. We’re just trying to build that confidence to move them to the next stage and bridge them in recovery or sober living," Grandgeorge said.

Darmy’s Place of Recovery is open most nights Monday through Thursday until 7:30 p.m., Grandgeorge said.

If you’re interested in volunteering or teaching skill classes, you can contact the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council.

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