Rain chances slim-to-none over the next few days as we sweat it out in the July heat

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DEEP EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - High pressure will remain in control of our weather the next few days, which will lead to more hot and mainly dry days under partly cloudy skies.

Even though our heat index values may come down into the lower 100′s, it will still be plenty hot and humid in the Piney Woods. Therefore, continue to stay hydrated and seek the air conditioning as much as possible.

The heat ridge will hold for the rest of the week and into the early part of the weekend before it breaks down and shifts to the west, allowing some deeper moisture to our east to rotate back in our direction. This will lead to some widely scattered showers and thunderstorms to enter the equation as we get into Sunday and the early part of next week.

Better rain chances look to return Monday and Tuesday as a rare, late July cold front comes calling. If this frontal boundary can make it all the way through our part of the state, we could see some lower humidity and slightly cooler temperatures come our way, offering a nice treat from the heat for the middle of next week.

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