NASA celebration of legacy moon landing includes speakers, concerts

NASA celebration of legacy moon landing includes speakers, concerts

HOUSTON, Texas (KLTV) - Fifty years ago, East Texans gathered in their living rooms, huddled around TV sets along with millions of others around the world.

Three American astronauts were entering orbit around the moon, just hours from making history.

“We’re going to stay on the air. Through all of the time that our astronauts are descending down to the moon and all the time they are on the moon and long after they leave the moon and get back up and complete their rendezvous with Columbia and are safe.”
ABC news anchor Frank Reynolds

This weekend, NASA is celebrating the legacy of the first lunar landing in a special way. Space Center Houston is giving visitors an up-close look at one of the greatest achievements in history.

KLTV’s Lane Luckie is in Houston for the event and spoke with us from the Johnson Space Center with a look ahead at a special opportunity to re-live that excitement.

Every second of that dangerous and exciting mission was managed at NASA’s Mission Control Center. The Apollo Mission Operations Control Room 2 just reopened to the public after a multi-million dollar restoration. We got a rare look inside.

In celebration of the golden anniversary of the first landing, the Apollo Mission Control Center at Johnson has been restored to appear as it did in that era, ready to begin its new life as a source of learning and inspiration.

Visitors to NASA can experience the restored Apollo mission control as part of the tram tour offered by Space Center Houston, which is open seven days a week.

The non-profit Science and Space Exploration Learning Center is leading the fundraising to restore historic mission control and preserve this national historic landmark, which changed the course of human history. Go inside historic Mission Control and see the restoration in progress. Check out how the nonprofit is raising funds to restore the iconic room, learn about details in the room and how the nonprofit is working to preserve it for future generations and the world.

Special events are planned all weekend for the Apollo 11 moon landing’s golden anniversary. Space Center Houston has guided tours, an outdoor festival and family STEM zone. Singer Phillip Phillips is even headlining a concert.

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Several notable speakers will also share their memories from Apollo 11. Famed flight director Gene Kranz is set to speak Friday evening, before panels featuring former astronauts and flight controllers on Saturday.


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