Alto resident receives new house after losing her home during the tornado

Alto resident receives new house after losing her home during the tornado

ALTO, Texas (KTRE) - Bonnie Magruder was at work when the tornadoes hit Alto.

“So, I came home and had to climb through the trees to get into the house, but when I got in the house I looked up at the sky. There was no top left,” said Magruder.

Magruder lived in her home for over 60 years. Now it is replaced with a new three-bedroom and two-bathroom house from Tyler that is currently being built.

“As soon as I get the utilities all hooked up, they will come in and complete the inside and outside of it,” said Magruder.

But Magruder said she has received an out-pour of support and help with the recovery process.

“It’s been people from other states that heard about this and came in to help us. I know there was group from Oklahoma that came down to help me clean up,” said Magruder.

Including Joann Jackson, who has allowed Magruder to stay at her home.

“She buys a lot of the groceries and most of the time I do the cooking and she cleans the kitchen and we do the laundry together and she helps me with my business in Rusk and she has been an asset to have,” said Jackson.

Jackson said while recovery efforts continue to be made, she is thankful to be able to be about of the many people who have helped those impacted.

“And it looks so much better and of course there is still a lot of work to be done, but we are just so thankful we had workers to come in and clean up and the whole community just worked together to make Alto as normal as it can be,” said Jackson.

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