Questions surround Cowboys firepower as team heads to training camp

Questions surround Cowboys firepower as team heads to training camp

(KLTV) - Cowboys Camp 2019, the team arrives in Southern California tomorrow, and there are significant questions for the team that are soft contenders for the Superbowl.

Soft because the questions surround their fire power. Zeke Elliot, Dak Prescott, and Amari Cooper. Who gets paid? That is the question, former Dallas receiver Billy Davis answers while he was in Tyler last week puts this out there.

“You pay Zeke, I think Zeke has completely earned and I say earned, I think he should be given an additional platform to continue because he could be a substantial historical figure in the landscape of the Dallas Cowboys,” Davis said. “So you paid Dak first, I’m almost on the fence about even paying Amari. I love Cooper, love Cooper but I never see what you do one year I need to see how you do every year.”

Amari Cooper joined the Cowboys in a trade from Oakland back in November. A first rounder, he’s a two-time pro bowler. Playing in 9 games for the Cowboys, he scored 7 TDs. He enters his final year of his contract and has stated he can wait. He may have to.

“He has too much of a history of up-and-down, but Zeke and Dak I think they’ve proven. They’ve proven who they are who they are capable of being,” Davis said.

This will be Cooper’s first Dallas Cowboys training camp and for some reason I think there will still be questions that need answering even when the pre-season is over. When the games count, that’s when the answers will come.

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