Lufkin ISD approves 5 percent raise for employees

Lufkin ISD approves 5 percent raise for employees

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - Teachers not making enough money is something we hear about often. But thanks to school finance reforms in House Bill 3, school officials will be making more money.

“That’s given us the great opportunity of having about $10.5 million in extra revenue from the state. The state is designated that 30 percent of new revenue has to go to pay teachers, counselors, librarians and other staff,” said LISD Superintendent Lynn Torres.

The school board chose to spend even more allocating 40 percent of the additional funds for raises.

“Teachers are not paid as they should be and that’s largely based on funding, and in rural areas it’s tougher because we are not as funded as well as the urban areas, and so rural salaries particularly have been lacking,” said Scott Skelton, President of Board Trustees for LISD.

Teachers with five or more years of experience will receive 6 percent and up to 12 percent change.

First-time teachers will also receive more money.

“We’ve never paid state-based at Lufkin ISD. We’ve always paid more; but this year a starting teacher’s salary is going to be $45,510 which is unheard of in this area,” said Torres.

“We have revamped our entire salary structure for every employee, and we have made sure that we believe that it is fair, that it’s balanced among all of the different groups and that every member of the district receives a raise,” said Skelton.

The pay increase will go into effect on September 20.

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