Tourniquets donated to SFA athletic trainers for ‘Stop the Bleed’ training

Tourniquets donated to SFA athletic trainers for ‘Stop the Bleed’ training

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Stop the Bleed is a first aid training program motivated by the 2012 tragedy in Sandy Hook. Its goal is to teach the course to as many diversified groups as possible. This week, Stephen F. Austin State University athletic trainers received the knowledge and the tools to go with it.

It makes good sense for them to receive the basic instruction on bleeding control. There is no better teacher than two-time Hall of Fame athletics trainer Sandy Miller, now retired from SFA.

“Take it off. Apply it to your partner,” Miller instructed on tourniquet usage.

Miller is one of a growing number of certified Stop the Bleed instructors. After this training, SFA athletic trainers can do the same anywhere, free of charge.

“You still got to go between the heart and the wound,” Miller reminded on the placement of a tourniquet.

The trainers are learning how to use their new tourniquets to be carried in their first-aid kit from now on. The tools are a donation from the Deep East Texas Regional Advisory Council. Scott Christopher is the chair.

“The goal is to have as many people that we can get trained in the use of these as possible," Christopher said. "The ultimate pie in the sky goal would be that some day, everywhere you see a fire extinguisher on the wall, you would see an automatic external fibrillator and one of these devices, all together.”

Tourniquets can stop uncontrolled bleeding in an emergency situation.

“And it’s gonna get tight. And it’s going to get uncomfortable,” Miller said.

A trainer asked her partner, “Is it uncomfortable?” The answer, “Uh, yeah!!”

Miller assured the trainers, “If it’s uncomfortable, it is working.”

Stop the Bleed training can lead to saved lives.

SFA trainers want to be in the know says lead trainer, Aj Van Valkenburgh.

“And so if we don’t have the tools to be able to do this and have the knowledge to do this through Sandy and you guys and this organization, I don’t think we would be doing ourselves justice and the rest of the population justice,” Van Valkenburgh said.

Trainers hope they'll never be placed in a position to stop the bleed, but if it happens they'll be ready and prepared to help those in need.

Nacogdoches Medical Center is offering two Stop the Bleed courses next week at high schools.

Nacogdoches High School training will be Tuesday, July 30. Training will take place at Center High School the following day.

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