Webxtra: SFA Basketball gives back to Nacogdoches youth

Webxtra: SFA Basketball gives back to Nacogdoches youth

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) -After a morning practice, SFA Basketball coach Kyle Keller and his team loaded up in cars and headed over to the Oak Hill apartments to help with the United Way and play some basketball with children who live at the complex.

"Being involved with the United Way is always special to me," Keller said. "This part of our community is the fabric of our team and who we are. They are fans of the guys and to see their smiles is awesome."

For many of the players this was the first time getting to interact with some of the children in Nacogdoches neighborhoods.

“We are always looking forward to making people smile,” SFA Freshman Sama’Zha Hart said. " Making people feel better. Some people don’t have the options we have. We have a good chance to come out here and show some positive energy."

This was the first time the team had reached out to the apartments but it will not be the last.

“These courts have more work needed,” Keller said. “The fire department has come out and blown off the courts several times. We want to come out and stripe the court with three-point lines and free throw lines. They are in need of some goals. They need some good new goals out here. We brought some balls so they can continue playing.”

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