COWBOYS CAMP: Rookie Tony Pollard planning to standout at training camp

COWBOYS CAMP: Rookie Tony Pollard planning to standout at training camp
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OXNARD, CA (KLTV) - The Cowboys training camp is already next man up especially at the running back position. As Tony Pollard was running with the number one team today, many believe Zeke Elliott will be in camp eventually and Pollard has not changed his attitude towards his work ethic. When asked on whether he thought this could possibly happen coming into this season, Pollard offered this response.

"I had no idea, I mean you can never guess something like that. Like I said coming into this camp no matter what I was ready to continue to prove myself as you got to do in this league day in and day out so I’m ready for anything,” Pollard said.

A fourth-round draft pick out of Memphis the slashing rookie is in position to turn some heads early in training camp

"Absolutely he’s one of our running backs, he’ll get plenty of work.”

Coach Jason Garrett is excited at what this draft class can be because he sees the hunger in them very early on

"You see those guys getting better before your eyes and that’s one of the things that’s exciting for us as coaches when you have young players who you think have a little bit of ability, but also go about it the right way, you see them, you see them progress and you see them progress quickly, early, each of those guys have played a lot of football at the college level but there is a transition for them like every rookie but they have certainly made progress,” said Garrett.

"We're good, I mean we’re good, we are just taking advantage of our opportunity as a group, you know Zeke has got business to handle so we are just focusing on who is here and what we are doing now,” Pollard said.

So until Zeke rejoins the team, for the rookie Pollard, he gets a head start.

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