COWBOYS CAMP: Dak Prescott talks to the media at training camp

COWBOYS CAMP: Dak Prescott talks to the media at training camp

OXNARD, CA (KLTV) - Dak Prescott reported to work today bringing his lunch pail ready to go to work and do what’s necessary to go a long way in the upcoming new season.

“Every aspect of this game it’s hard to say just one thing. I mean from accuracy, from a leadership standpoint, from just going out there and expecting a lot from myself and from others, it’s huge,” Prescott said. “I mean at this position, there’s so much that embodies that, embodies getting better, embodies what the team needs, so for me, it’s just about coming out here, getting better, and pushing everyone around me. That’s my plan.”

Naturally, you can’t talk to Dak and not bring up his backfield mate Zeke Elliot which the media tried to do.

And while Dak has no control over Zeke Elliot’s situation, he does have control over two new receivers who are now in the Cowboys training camp for the first time. Randall Cobb acquired during the offseason. And, of course, that trade Amari Cooper from Oakland to Dallas is significant.

“It’s huge, I mean that’s what this Spring was great for, just in that offseason, just getting those reps in, it was important as much as anything to get with those guys in July, just to make sure we’re cleaning up some of those things as we did down in San Diego and now the season is less than a month away so we got to tighten up, but for the most part we’ve got a great relationship,” Prescott said. “Those guys are veterans and those guys have been great in this league for a reason, they know how to come in each and every day, give themselves a chance and get better, so it just allows our relationship to grow faster, as you saw with Coop, the way we just excelled through the latter part of the year last year, it’s only gotten better. Cobb’s the same way, he’s an amazing player, just fun to work with and really smart, really intelligent, and all that stuff will pay off.”

Expectations for Dak Prescott are very very high not just from the fans, but also from himself.

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