100-year-old home from Sears Catalog being refurbished in Littlefield

100-year-old home from Sears Catalog being refurbished in Littlefield
Sears catalog house in Littlefield

LITTLEFIELD, Texas (KCBD) - While the iconic Sears department store is no longer in business, did you know that at one time, it was a popular place to go to buy a house?

It's estimated that about 70 percent of the 75,000 homes sold by Sears between 1908 and 1940 are still standing today, and you can find one of those homes in Littlefield.

Gilbert Muniz purchased the house on south westside and 9th Street a few years ago, but says he had a special connection with the house long before he became the owner.

"When I was 11, about 11, 13 years old, my mom used to clean for Chester Harvey, who was the owner of this house. We used to come here with my mom to clean, she used to be the cleaning lady," he said.

Muniz says he always had a special interest in the house,

but it wasn't until he learned that the city wanted to tear it down that he stepped in.

The house was in disrepair, at risk of being torn town, so he contacted the owners of the house to see if he could purchase it, but they had something different in mind.

"She said no and her husband got up. She gave me a hug, her husband gave me a handshake and said god bless you, you can have the house," Muniz said.

So, Muniz got the sears house for free, and has been steadily working on it to eventually make it into his dream house.

He is trying to restore it to its former glory, when it was purchased more than a hundred years ago.

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