COWBOYS CAMP: Linebacker Sean Lee continues to lead despite evolving role

Lee will see more playing time on special teams

Cowboys Camp 2019 6PM 8/1/19

OXNARD, California (KLTV) - When Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee suffered an injury a couple of days ago a lot of folks held their breath, but the good news is it’s not serious. That’s a good thing because he’s the heart and soul of the Cowboys defense.

“Yeah it just goes back to my impression of Sean Lee when I first met him a long time ago,” said Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. “I can remember him coming for the 30 visit, and he just has this look in his eye which looks like he’s crazy, and he just loves football. He’s so passionate about it.”

Garrett said that Lee wants to be great, and he wants to make the team great as well.

“He wants to take care of every opportunity that he can, and he’s been doing that every day since I met him,” Garrett said.

Though he’s been hit by injuries, Lee has always been driven, which is this season’s motto, according to Garrett.

“That’s something Coach Garrett has always pushing us to have, and a lot of times, he gave us an opportunity to speak in front of the team about what we think the definition of being driven is,” Lee said.

Lee added that he and other players talked about how overcoming adversity in their lives has changed their definition of what it means to be driven and inspired them to become driven every day.

Lee will take on a different role this year. He won’t be on the field as much on defense, but he will also have an opportunity to make plays on special teams.

‘You can make big-time plays on special teams,” Lee said. “You make an impact on the game, and any way I can help try to make plays, I want to be a part of that, and I want to try to make an impact on the game as a linebacker. There are a lot of positions where they need you at and that you can be effective in, so any way that I can help them, I will try to do it.”

That’s just another sign of Lee’s leadership.

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