San Augustine hosts book signing for author detailing history of criminal gang, racial segregation from 1930’s

San Augustine hosts book signing for author detailing history of criminal gang, racial segregation f

SAN AUGUSTINE, Texas (KTRE) -Members of the San Augustine community got the opportunity to learn about the racial segregation and criminal acts that took place there in the 1930′s, thanks to an author whose research turned into a book.

Edward Boone Brackett, Sr. , grandfather of Edward Boone Brackett III, was assassinated back in 1930 in San Augustine.

His tragedy is also one of many that is highlighted in the book entitled “East Texas Troubles: The Allred Rangers Cleanup Of San Augustine,” written by Jody Edward Ginn.

“My grandfather was County Agent and I was just told today that a part of the rub they had between Brackett and the guy that shot him was what he would do as County Agent as far as making his land available,” said Brackett.

After almost 20 years of extensive research and findings from the court and appeals records from the Texas State Library Archives, Ginn concluded that the McClanahan- Burleson gang were responsible for the crimes.

"They even finally achieved position of law enforcement authority including city marshals and state special rangers under Ma Ferguson. And that basically led them to seize power,” said Ginn.

Which Brackett said impacted his family and others.

"It affects several generations on something like that and it affected my dad a great deal and it was something he always thought about if I had done something differently or if, if , if and that sort of went with him his whole life,” said Brackett.

Most importantly, Brackett says he is thankful for the book and the information that will inform the community.

"The truth always it may hurt, but it’s always the thing that needs to be put out,” said Brackett.

Other highlights in the book include the African American exploitation and Jim Crow regulations.

The book “East Texas Troubles: The All-Red Rangers Cleanup of San Augustine” may be purchased on Amazon.

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