Longview Lobos gearing up to defend state title

Longview Lobos gearing up to defend state title
Long Lobos head football coach John King discusses the upcoming 2019 high school football season.

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Later this month, the Longview Lobos, the defending 6-A high school football champions, will start defending their title.

Last year, the team had a perfect record that culminated when the Lobos beat Beaumont Westbrook 35-34 last December. The win marked Longview’s first state title in 81 years.

“We’ve got a bullseye on our chest,” said Lobos head coach John King. “I know a lot of people got a week with the Lobos circled, and there’s a lot of high expectations with this football team based off what happened last year and based on what we have coming back.”

John King said his team needs to go to work to develop the right chemistry and put their product out on the field.

Haynes King, John King’s son and the team’s starting quarterback, said the Lobos still have a lot of dog in them, and they’re not going to give it up.

“We are still going to strive for success, but that’s what we’ve grown up doing, though,” Haynes King said. “We’ve always done that. We’re used to it. We’re at the top now, but why stop now?”

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