Tornado recovery continues at Alto ISD

Storm caused about $7 million in damage

Tornado recovery continues at Alto ISD

ALTO, Texas (KLTV) - We’re just two weeks away until students return back to school.

Those in Alto ISD will return to a campus that’s still needs a lot of repairs.

Superintendent Kelly West says crews are working long 16-hour days to complete the massive amount of work.

“We will probably most likely be starting school with tarps with still on our roofs,” West said.

Blue tarp, construction equipment, and a bent fence at the sports field, all point to signs of damages that needs fixing.

"We have run into a roadblock with our insurance company. We have not received funds in over a month. We are still patiently awaiting funding so that we can put the new roofs on the building," West said.

Working around the clock, the three months of summer have not been enough. West said they've been able to make repairs with the help from contractors, and monetary donations from the community. She said at this time crews are working to install ramps in front of the portable classroom for the high school.

"There's a portion of the high school that has not been renovated," West said.

West said that portion has seen the worst damage and add on more waiting with the insurance company relating water damage caused to the elementary and middle schools.

"We're staying the course though and doing what we need to do and proceeding with making sure we have school and routine for our students," West said.

She said students and staff can expect work on the campus going into the fall and perhaps spring semesters.

West said the campus sustained about $7 million worth of damage.

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