Crockett police: Man accused of illegally dumping medical supplies may not be charged

Crockett police: Man accused of illegally dumping medical supplies may not be charged
Updated: Aug. 7, 2019 at 3:43 PM CDT
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CROCKETT, Texas (KTRE) - Investigators with Crockett Police Department said a man accused of illegally dumping medical supplies may not face any criminal charges.

Police reported Crockett Medical Center on Monday sold outdated, or soon to be outdated medical supplies to a wholesale company out of Louisiana.

“Because of the integrity of some of those packages, by the policies and procedures there at Crockett Medical Center, they had to get rid of those supplies,” said Sgt. Clayton Smith with the Crockett Police Department.

Not long after the sale, a witness called police after watching a “man in a white jumpsuit” discarding medical supplies into various dumpsters around town.

The supplies were sold with the understanding that the company would be providing the supplies to veterinarian facilities and to missions for use in other countries.

“Nobody really knows why he purchased all these supplies and then started dumping them in dumpsters,” said Smith. “We still really don’t have a motive for that yet, other than he was really overloaded with supplies, it may have contributed to him dumping some of these supplies.”

Crockett police have spoken with the individual involved in the case. Investigators said they would not pursue charges against the man unless the owners of the businesses where the supplies were dumped pursue them.

Clayton explained since the items were contained to the dumpster, the city has no reason to get involved otherwise.

“As far as the investigation into illegal dumping, no businesses or complainants have come forward to say hey we want to pursue criminal charges on this guy for dumping these items in our dumpsters,” he added.

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