Heat levels continue to climb across the Piney Woods

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DEEP EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - Heat Advisories are out for all of our Deep East Texas counties through Thursday evening and it is very likely that this heat advisory will get extended even further as the heat continues to build across our part of the state in the days ahead.

The infamous heat dome will continue to move over the state of Texas. Once it parks itself on top of us by Friday, it will stay there for several days to come, which will lead to sinking air, no rain, and the hottest temperatures we have experienced thus far this summer season.

That means this upcoming weekend is shaping up to be the hottest weekend of the summer season to date, which is not surprising given that this is typically our hottest time of the year in East Texas.

We are keeping triple digits out of the forecast for now, but daytime highs will start to flirt with the century mark by this weekend and continuing into early next week. Even if we do not reach triple digit territory, our feels like temperatures will range from 105-110, which means you will really want to limit your time outdoors since that could quickly lead to heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

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