’Nothing is routine’: Nacogdoches ISD police share new details in middle school break-in

’Nothing is routine’: Nacogdoches ISD police share new details in middle school break-in

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Nacogdoches Independent School District Police Department has shared new details about the recent arrest of two masked individuals who broke into Mike Moses Middle School.

Police identified the two individuals arrested in the case as two teenagers; one identified as Nacogdoches High School student Jamarius Smith, 17, and another, a 15-year-old set to be an 8th grader at Mike Moses this year.

According to the Nacogdoches ISD Police Department, Sergeant Ramiro Mendiola arrived for duty and found the two subjects in his office at Mike Moses Middle School.

“Sergeant Mendiola performed that instance textbook,” said Sandra Murray, Nacogdoches ISD police chief. "He didn’t lose his cool, he didn’t get agitated. He kept his cool, he gave the demands for the two subjects to follow. I couldn’t have done it any better, and I don’t think so anyone else could.

“This is what we train for; you expect to come to your office and it’s going to be a no-threat area and just routine, but as we find out, nothing is routine and so our training and experience definitely comes into play.”

Mendiola shared how his routine morning was interrupted.

“Yeah, I was coming to work and I had thrown something in the trash can and I opened my door. And I walked in I noticed a set up eyes under my desk. As I backed up, I saw another set of eyes behind the door,” recalled Mendiola.

The surveillance camera video backs up Mendiola's account of his reaction and subsequent arrests. Now it's evidence. So are the videos of individuals roaming the hallways and entering offices.

“They went into the principal’s office and got a whole handful of keys," said 36-year veteran officer. "They went into the counselor’s and the assistant principal’s office. And they rode around the cleaning machines all over our hallways, so they been around.”

It’s believed the duo came thru an unlocked classroom window. The sergeant and his chief say it’s an oversight to be corrected.

The chief also commends school district administration’s approval for new digital portable radios.

“Previously we couldn’t even hardly get out to each other, so in this situation it really paid off,” said Murray.

The officers are thankful for training and technology. Now they wait for discipline. The case was handed off to the district attorney Thursday morning.

Smith is charged with burglary of a building and criminal trespass. Bond has been set at $6,500.

The 15-year-old juvenile faces the same charges.

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