Sabine County constable indicted on sexual assault, indecent exposure, harassment charges

Sabine County constable indicted on sexual assault, indecent exposure, harassment charges
David Boyd

SABINE COUNTY, TEXAS (KTRE) - A Sabine County constable has been indicted on three criminal charges, including sexual assault in connection to an alleged incident that occurred at a woman’s home in September of 2018.

David Boyd’s three-count indictment was filed with the Sabine County District Clerk’s Office on Tuesday. Boyd is currently serving as a constable for Sabine County.

The text of the indictment states that Boyd was “acting under the color of his office and/or his employment as a Sabine County sheriff’s deputy” when the alleged incident occurred on Sept. 19, 2018.

The three-count indictment alleges Boyd subjected the woman to sexual harassment “by making unwanted sexual advances and/or request for sexual favors, knowing that the advances were not welcome.” He is also accused of other actions, including exposing himself to the woman and performing sexual actions on himself.

Boyd is also listed as a defendant in a federal lawsuit filed by the woman. The lawsuit, which was filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas back in April, also lists Sabine County and the Sabine County Sheriff’s Office as defendants in the case.

The text of the lawsuit’s petition states that the woman’s husband called the Sabine County Sheriff’s Office on Sept. 18, 2018, and asked the agency to do a wellness check on his wife because he was away from home for work and they had an argument on the phone.

According to the lawsuit, the man told the sheriff’s office that his wife wasn’t answering his phone calls, and he was worried about her.

At that point, Boyd, who was working as an SCSO deputy at the time, allegedly called her on the phone.

The lawsuit states that Boyd “attempted to gain the trust and confidence” of the woman by telling her that he was a sheriff’s deputy and a preacher and canceled the dispatch of a deputy to the home. Boyd also allegedly told the woman that he would stop by the next day to “check up” on her.

When the woman went into her house to get Boyd a bottle of water, he allegedly followed her inside without being invited to do so. The lawsuit’s petition states that Boyd noticed a marijuana pipe sitting on a table and told her he had a duty to report the incident and file criminal charges against her.

Boyd stopped at the woman’s house the next day, and the lawsuit’s petition goes into graphic detail about comments Boyd allegedly made to her, along with the actions alleged in the three-count indictment.

The Texas Rangers conducted the investigation into the alleged incident, according to the lawsuit. A DNA test matched Boyd to evidence found at the scene, the lawsuit states.

“Constable Boyd is a sexual predator of the worst kind, a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” the lawsuit’s petition states. “He operates dually under the authority of the badge and the cloth, but meanwhile has been engaged in a longtime campaign of sexual perversion and proclivity, often targeting victims who are already vulnerable either emotionally, financially, or due to their legal situation.”

The lawsuit’s petition also alleges that numerous formal complaints have been filed about Boyd and his conduct.

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