Angelina County commissioners extend construction deadline for communication towers

WEBXTRA: Angelina County commissioners approve deadline extension for new communication towers

ANGELINA COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) - Angelina County commissioners have approved a request to extend the deadline for construction of two new communication towers.

The towers are being built in Lufkin and Zavalla. The commissioners approved Dec. 1 as the new date of completion for both towers.

As of Tuesday, the base for the Lufkin tower has been installed.

“We have visited with the owner of the company and also Constable Selman who’s sort of the on-the-scene job superintendent with this project, says the project is going well. They’re working hard. The delays have been essentially due to extensive rain conditions that went on in spring and early summer,” said Angelina County attorney Cary Kirby.

Commissioners also approved to add electricity services for both towers in Lufkin and Zavalla.

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