Biggest TTU fan, former cheerleader, dies at age 98

Biggest TTU fan, former cheerleader, dies at age 98
95-year-old Jane Kuykendall

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - KCBD found Texas Tech’s biggest fan earlier this year when the Texas Tech Men’s Basketball team was heading to the Final Four.

According to the Texas Tech University Cheerleader & Pom Squad Alumni, Jane Kuykendall died Sunday. “Jane was a treasured cheer alum & was an inspiration to Tech Cheer for decades.#QueenOfTechSpirit,” said the Alumni group on social media.

Jane Kuykendall was a cheerleader, mainly for the football team, in the early 40s. That’s 80 years ago. Before World War II and the days of Buddy Holly.

95-year-old Jane Kuykendall (Source: KCBD)
95-year-old Jane Kuykendall (Source: KCBD)

“All we had was enthusiasm and love for Tech and, as I said, marching down College Avenue, instead of University, and stopping at Halsey Drug, then the band would play and we would go with the band,” said Jane in her interview earlier this year.

And what about the popular victory bell ringing on campus? It was just as big of a deal then as it is today.

“The highlight of our career was ringing that bell… that’s the most exciting thing,” she said.

But the Texas Tech spirit came from somewhere right?

“Yes, once a cheerleader honey, always a cheerleader. But, it’s in you and you want to win, and life is exciting and I’m so proud.”

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