Jasper Police Department: Suspect or suspects stole work truck from wastewater plant

Jasper Police Department: Suspect or suspects stole work truck from wastewater plant
Pictured is a City of Jasper work truck. The work truck that was stolen is almost identical to this one. It has a black lift gate instead of a tail gate. (Source: Jasper Police Department Facebook page)

JASPER, Texas (KTRE) - Detectives with the Jasper Police Department are still looking for a work truck that was stolen from the city’s wastewater treatment plant last week.

Lt. Garrett Foster, a spokesman for the Jasper Police Department, said Tuesday that the crime occurred at some point late in the evening of Aug. 6 or in the early morning hours of Aug. 7.

Foster said the suspect or suspects crawled a large chain-link fence to get into the facility. He added that it looked like the suspect or suspects tried to kick a door in at one of the buildings.

During their time at the facility, the suspect or suspects stole a set of keys from a 2017 Ford pickup and then took a white 2002 Ford work truck with City of Jasper emblems on the doors and a large, black heavy-duty lift gate on the back.

At that point, the suspect or suspects drove the 2002 work truck to the chain-link fence gate, which opened automatically because of a pressure pad under the pavement.

A story on the KJAS.com website stated to get onto Marvin Hancock Drive, the suspect or suspects had to get past a large iron pipe gate that was closed and locked. To do so, they went through a ditch and smashed their way through a wooden portion of the fence next to the gate.

No physical evidence was left at the scene in the case of the stolen City of Jasper work truck, Foster said.

Foster said that he didn’t think the theft of the work truck was related to the string of truck thefts that occurred in Jasper, Tyler, and Liberty counties earlier this summer. Authorities believe the suspects in those cases have ties to a Mexican cartel, and that the trucks were stripped down, taken south of the border, and used to transport illegal immigrants or contraband.

Anyone who has seen the stolen truck or has information about the crime is urged to contact Det. Josh Hadnot at (4090 384-3471 or any law enforcement agency.

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