John Tyler coach hopes summer camp conditioning will help players outlast opponents

John Tyler

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Long-distance touchdown runs like one that occurred in the middle of the 2018 John Tyler football season runs like don’t just happen. They’re prepared for in August in summer camp.

The John Tyler Lions have been getting up and after it all in the name of conditioning, a staple for all camps but something head coach Rickland Holmes is very serious about. "That's what summer's for. We gotta just make sure to keep ‘em where we got ‘em at in the summer, you know,” Holmes said Tuesday. “The conditioning and the lifting that we did during the summer was to get us ready for this. We just gotta make sure we’re maintaining and somewhat build onto it."

The Lions are putting aside a postseason that just fell short as a regional finalist while going unbeaten in district play, but that’s old news.

"Every day is different; today was different than yesterday,” Holmes said. “We got a little bit better today than we were yesterday. We gotta focus on it one day at a time. We can’t worry about what happened in December. We gotta worry about what’s going on right now in August.”

Holmes said that seniors and upperclassmen have stepped up as team leaders this year.

“We gotta a good group, a good group of leaders just like last year,” Holmes said. “I think these guys as juniors had a good group to follow behind, the senior group. They taught ‘em a lot. They learned a lot, and they got to see great examples. You can tell they’re starting to follow the examples they gave them.”

For now, the Lions are concerned with being conditioned for a challenging schedule, so that they can out last their opponents.

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