Tornado victims share message of hope months after storm

Alto Tornado Victim Folo

TROUP, Texas (KLTV) - Four months after the deadly Alto tornadoes, the Comeaux family says they’ve found their new normal.

Jennifer Comeaux was home alone when the storm hit, and she says life since that day has only gotten better.

“Our life has increased, our blessing has increased, and when people say, ‘I’m so sorry,’ I almost feel guilty,” Jennifer says. “Because I think ‘look at this! This is so good. Look what the King gave us!’”

Jennifer’s husband Daniel and their children Jacob, Liam and Vivienne, are also adjusting to life after the storm.

“We were just uprooted and planted in a whole new area, in a whole new land, in a whole new role,” Daniel says. “Weathering the storm gives us the ability to share this testimony and bring (God) glory and honor.”

The before and after of the Comeaux home in Alto. (Source: KTRE)
The before and after of the Comeaux home in Alto. (Source: KTRE)

Jennifer says their family chooses to respond to the destruction and loss of their house with a message of gratitude for all they gained.

“We have shed everything that is of the world and not of Him and all were concentrated in doing is His work, for His purposes,” Jennifer says. “In every tragedy, there’s an opportunity.”

They were in a new home within 30 days of the storm.

“This house was not even supposed to be on the market, and it became available. There were so many things like that that perfectly lined up,” Jennifer says.

While so much has changed, the important things remained the same, like their family, and the strength found in each other.

The Comeaux family in their new home. (Source: KLTV)
The Comeaux family in their new home. (Source: KLTV)

Jennifer wants her experience to be a source of inspiration for her children and a reminder of all they can overcome.

“There’s a picture in the front of the house, of all of my kids, standing on the rubble of the tornado, and I want them to look at it every day and say, ‘That is what we overcame, and there is nothing in this world that is going to take us down, pull us down,” Jennifer says.

Daniel says they now know, as long as they’re together, they can do anything.

“Home is not a building, home is your family, home is where the people that you love are. It’s an emotion. It’s not a physical place,” Daniel says.

Their story will be featured on an upcoming episode of the 700 Club. A release date for their episode has not been announced yet.

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