East Texas Ag News: Managing the bermuda grass maggot

East Texas Ag News: Managing the Bermuda grass maggot

EAST TEXAS (KLTV/KTRE) - The bermuda grass stem maggot is really plaguing Texas hay producers this season.

But new research from Texas A&M Agrilife is helping growers better manage this pest.

Before there wasn’t any information on how damaging the pest was to hay production and there were no guidelines on when an insecticide was needed. Now, field research by A&M Agrilife says that for each percentage of stems with stem maggot damage, there is a potential loss of over 8 pounds of hay per acre.

A&M Agrilife entomologists also released guidelines for when an insecticide treatment is justified based on the cost of treatment and value of hay.

You can find those guidelines on managing bermuda grass stem maggot and the table of treatment thresholds for a range of control costs and hay values online at foragefax.tamu.edu

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