Austin-Raguet street intersection opens in time for first day of school

Austin-Raguet street intersection opens in time for first day of school

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - Barriers at East Austin and Raguet streets in Nacogdoches have created barriers to getting around Nacogdoches. By the end of the workday Friday they were taken away. Motorists can zip to the post office, the school down the street or University Drive businesses once again thanks to a three-way stop.

Drewery Construction and six sub-contractors are making it happen. Drewery Construction CEO/President Kyle Drewery said, “It was really a joined effort to try to make this milestone and have this open before school.”

Reaching the drop off and pickup lines at Raguet Elementary will be less of a hassle.

Assistant Principal James Allen said, "It will help relieve some of the tensions on the first day, getting kids to school, help with the speed of the car line.”

Drewery says progress on the $2.9 million widening of East Austin is back on schedule following the spring rains.

In about 2 1/2 weeks, after underground utilities are in place, equipment will roll in on East Austin between North Street and Raguet.

"We'll be putting out cement and mixing the road, putting the road to the new grade and you'll see concrete operations which are curb and gutter, sidewalks," said Drewery.

Crews will continue to work under traffic, so motorists traveling thru the opened intersection are encouraged to be aware of equipment and workers.

Weather permitting, the project should be complete by the end of December.

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