Christmas in the Pines to light up downtown Lufkin in December

Christmas in the Pines to light up downtown Lufkin in December

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - Christmas in the Pines will have every bit of excitement and festivity that’s familiar to so many East Texas families, however the backdrop will be a little different.

The City of Lufkin is hosting the 2019 Christmas in the Pines, which is hosted every year in the first week of December, in the downtown area instead of the mall parking lot. That includes Rudolph the red-nosed pumping unit.

“Rudolph is moving. He will not be in the mall parking lot, he will be downtown, and we’re super excited we could find a home for him here,” said Lauren Stacy, parks and recreation coordinator with the city of Lufkin. “I think it’s going to be a benefit to us, and all the local neighborhoods around.”

The trailer for Rudolph is a 38-foot frameless Ultra Light II dump trailer decorated to look like Santa’s sleigh. Rudolph will be located next to the municipal court in the parking lot.

Part of the reason behind the move will be to combine holiday events into something of a one-stop shop, which will include the city’s Christmas parade.

A much more important reason, Stacy said, is to bring more people and more business to the downtown area.

“We’ve got some wonderful community organizations that put on great events. We’re thinking, if we can put them together, the attendance will rise and the wealth of the community will rise, as well. Economic growth is something we’re definitely looking for here in Lufkin."

Christmas in the Pines kicks off Friday, Dec. 6 with a Christmas parade. The ADAC Reindeer Run will be held in the downtown area on the morning of Saturday, Dec. 7. The festivities will continue throughout the day with street vendors, a “strongest Santa” competition, and the lighting of Rudolph the red-nosed pumping unit later that evening.

Anyone interested in being part of the Christmas parade or vendors taking part in the fun can apply online by visiting the city’s Parks and Recreation website.

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